Watch our explainer video to see how Farm Risk Protection (FRP) helps you stay compliant and reduce the risk of lawsuits

Documents that protect your interests

Wills and estate planning

FRP helps you create a comprehensive estate plan and decide who inherits the farm, livestock and other assets. The service also offers powers of attorney, trusts and healthcare directives.

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Equipment rental and livestock sales

FRP offers services that help to protect your property when you rent it out. If you are selling livestock our service also provides you with a purchase and bill of sale agreement to govern the transaction

Holding events

You may want to hold events to generate revenue and raise awareness. FRP helps you do so by providing catering agreements, venue rental agreements and liability waivers

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Create documents and contracts

Simply choose a service, and answer the questions as they appear

Our smart system will then create a high-quality document that's tailored to your needs

Securely share and store your legal documents

Use our secure workflow to share your documents with someone else (such as a trusted advisor)

Safely store your documents within our system for editing, or download them to print them off and sign them

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